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Is that a knife in your pants or are you just happy to see me? This week we have a wonderful array of bladed fails! From chainsaws to katanas, we got it all!


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Guy Shatters Glass Table with Sword
“Knife Slice Through Milk Jug Breaks Glass Table ”
“Swinging Sword Hits Lightbulb ”
Kid Stabs Frozen Pepsi Bottle with Knife
Guy Plays Knife Game Dangerously Fast
“Man Shows Off Huge Switchblade Knife ”
Crab Carries Knife
“Woman Attempts to Open Champagne With Saber and Fails ”
Guy Tries to Crack Egg Open with Knife
“Guy Almost Gets Hit with Knife ”
“Man Throws Knife into Air and onto Car ”
Sword Breaks at Beginning of Duel
Amateur Sword Fighter Breaks TV
“Guy Breaks Champagne Bottle With Saber ”
“Kid Breaks Glass With Knife ”
“Daughter Scares Dad With Confetti Cannon ”
“Guy Gets Slapped After Scaring Barber ”
Grown Man Tries to Show off Sword Skills
“Machete Breaks while Cutting Potato ”
“Guy Wakes up Friends Sleeping in Hammocks ”
“Physics Teacher Takes Ax to Nuts ”
“Guy Breaks Axe While Attempting to Chop Wood ”
“Samurai Screaming Freakout ”
“Samurai Sword Swing To Meat Chop Nut Shot Fail ”
“Guy Gets Whacked in Face by Lightsaber ”
“Ceiling Fan Cuts Bouquet ”
“Tree Cutting Takes Down Ladder ”
“Wedding Cake Falls When Couple Cuts It ”
Cutting down Tree Goes Wrong
“Two Friends Cut Down Tree Branch That They’re Sitting On ”

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