This is Why I’m Broke: Expensive Technology Fails

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At-Home Robot Doesn’t Understand Medical Emergency
“Drone’s Controls Fail and it Falls into Water ”
“Little Kid Flushes Tablet into Toilet ”
“Drone Crashes into Pilot ”
“Dog Fights with iPad Game ”
“Mechanical Bird Crashes Into Crowd at Tech Show ”
“Siri Disses Fail Army ”
“Girl Unboxes New Phone and Drops It ”
“Kid Accidentally Knocks Phone into Cake ”
Video Gamer Throws Controller and Breaks TV
“Video Game Player Breaks TV ”
“Guy Carrying Camera Has a Bad Fall ”
“Man Carelessly Drops Expensive Camera ”
“Guy Kicks Football Into Drone ”
“Breakdancer Ruins Laptop ”
Kid Shoots Screen with Airsoft Gun
“Accidental Computer Fire ”
“Computer Server Rolls off Loading Dock ”
Man Attempts to Wakeboard with Laptop
“Little Kid Throws Laptop ”
“Cell Phone Falls from 40th Floor ”
“Kid Whacks Balancing iPad with Hockey Stick ”
“Kid Freaks Out and Accidentally Breaks School iPad ”
“Frustrated Man Breaks Laptop ”
“Guy Throws Dart Into Co-worker’s Computer Screen ”
“Guy Breaks Computer Table ”
“Cat Knocks over Cable Box during Football Game ”
“Guys Crush Laptop Screen With Rubber Bands ”
“Drone Falls Into Water ”
“Guy Drops Computer into Water ”

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